Efe Sahinoglu

Let’s Walk Today

Physical activity doesn’t necessarily mean running, jogging, or doing crossfit. It can simply be a brisk walk. Regular physical activity It strengthen your muscles and bones gives your heart exercise releases feel good hormones to your body Regular physical activity helps decrease risk of: Cardiovascular disease Blood pressure Diabetes (type 2) Stroke Cancer Dementia and …

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Screening refers to detection before a symptom arises. We screen using mammograms, which are X-ray pictures of the breasts, and they use a small amount of radiation. In mammograms the breasts are flattened between two plates for imaging from the front and side views.  This produces the 2D mammograms. Nowadays 3D view is available at …

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A Heart-Healthy Life

One can unknowingly weaken their heart over the years by following unhealthy life habits. What could these be? First to come to mind include unhealthy eating, living sedentary lifestyles and smoking.  There are some cardiovascular disease risk factors that we inherent, however for the aforementioned ones we can take control and help minimize mainly  by …

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