Unrushed Appointmentsin Birmingham, Homewood, Alabaster, Calera, and Pelham, Alabama

Quality time with Dr. Sahinoglu plays an essential role in BDPC patients’ overall health. Knowing who the patients really are helps him to craft personalized strategies that align with their unique circumstances.
And although real-world rates can vary significantly, generally, regular patient-physician interactions have been linked with improved health outcomes, reduced hospitalization rates, and decreased illness frequency.

Why Birmingham DPC?

30-60 Minute Visits

Lower Costs

Dr. Knows You

Benefits of Unrushed appointments

24/7 Access to Your Doctor

Get the care you need from your physician, no matter where in the world you are at the time.

Low-Cost Medical Guidance

You’ll be guided to the lowest cost options for medication, labs, imaging and out-patient procedures.

Care for Acute and/or Chronic Conditions

From sudden onset needs to ongoing conditions like diabetes or asthma, you can be in touch with a doctor who knows you.

Spending time with patients is at the heart of my practice. It's in these moments that we decode health mysteries together, fostering understanding and charting the path to wellness. Our conversations are crucial; they empower patients and personalize care.

Our Patients

Birmingham DPC

* Our patients always have access to our physician via multiple modalities at all times. Prospective patients without appointments are recommended to call our office or email prior to stopping by as above hours may vary.

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Dr. Efe Sahinoglu, M.D.

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