•  Are you looking for a way to provide affordable health care for your employees?  If you are providing health insurance to your employees but would like to lower its cost, Birmingham Direct Primary Care can help small employers save 30-60% on health insurance.  
  • If you are not able to provide health insurance to your employees, you can still provide primary care coverage by enrolling them in our clinic. 


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Direct Primary Care is a model that removes the insurance between the physician and the patient as it was in the old days. This allows better, personalized care for the patient by allowing physician to focus on the patient and not on charts and insurance codes. Direct primary care physicians usually have a panel of 600-800 patients instead of several thousands. Patients will have longer visits with their doctor and have same or next day appointments as well as 24/7 access to their doctor via phone, text or email for medical necessities. All this at a low cost of a monthly cell phone bill. What’s more is that patients will be able to get their medications and labs at greatly reduced prices. As everything is transparent, there will be no hassles of dealing with insurance. 

No we don’t take insurance. We spare you the hassles of insurance and deal directly with you. This allows all care to be transparent in pricing, enables the physician to spend more time with patients, saves patients money, eliminates waiting times in clinic and allows direct access to the physician. This means no co-pays, no deductibles, no hidden fees.

Direct Primary Care is not insurance. Therefore we do encourage all of our members to maintain at least a catastrophic high deductible insurance plan with a low monthly premium. Members can often save money by switching from their high monthly premium plans to catastrophic insurance plans with low monthly premiums or medical sharing communities. We would be happy to get you in touch with individuals who could help tailor a wrap-around-plan to compliment your employees’ membership at our clinic.

We provide wholesales discount prices on prescriptions and labs. You will be amazed at how much you will save just from this feature alone. We also dispense your medications to you in-house, allowing our clinic to be your one stop shop for medical care and medications. No more lines in the pharmacy. Most labs are drawn in clinic and send out daily to the lab. All lab costs are at face value and will be available to you up front to ensure transparency. You will be informed of your results as soon as they are available.

We have contracted with select vendors to provide our members with greatly reduced rates, or you can choose to use your insurance.

We believe that we can handle most of your needs within our full spectrum family medicine practice. However, when needed we will provide the coordination of care with specialists as part of your membership benefit. We recommend your employees to still have insurance or membership in medical sharing community to cover specialist visits or other services not provided by our clinic.


  • Affordable access to primary care.
  • Same day or next day appointments. Minimal to none wait times.
  • Longer face time with physician. Personalized medicine.
  • No co-pays. Unlimited visits.
  • Convenient access to physician via call, text, email or video chat.
  • No need to miss work for doctors appointment if it can be handled via above modalities.
  • Greatly discounted medications and labs.


  • Larger groups get discounts .
  • One fixed monthly rate without hidden fees.
  • Higher employee satisfaction.
  • Overall lower healthcare claims.
  • Healthier employees means:
    • Fewer missed work days.
    • higher productivity.
    • Lower healthcare and worker’s comp claims.
    • Lower ED visits and hospitalizations.

A win-win situation for employees and employers! Lower costs, better medical service, and improved health.

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