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Birmingham Direct Primary Care helps business owners compete for the best labor by offering a comprehensive, affordable, primary care benefits packages. For small employers currently providing insurance, we can help you save 30-60%. And for employers currently unable to provide coverage, you’ll be shocked by the economics of our direct primary care model.

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Employee Benefits

Employer Benefits


Direct Primary Care is a model that removes the insurance between the physician and the patient as it was in the old days. This allows better, personalized care for the patient by allowing physician to focus on the patient and not on charts and insurance codes. Direct primary care physicians usually have a panel of 600-800 patients instead of several thousands. Patients will have longer visits with their doctor and have same or next day appointments as well as 24/7 access to their doctor via phone, text or email for medical necessities. All this at a low cost of a monthly cell phone bill. What’s more is that patients will be able to get their medications and labs at greatly reduced prices. Because we dispense medication and draw blood in our office (in addition to no waiting in the waiting room), you save the one thing more valuable than money: time! No more standing in long lines at the pharmacy, or in waiting rooms at the clinic or the lab. As everything is transparent, there will be no hassles of dealing with insurance. 

The scope and access of what we offer has many powerful results:

  • Healthier employees.
  • Higher employee satisfaction.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Fewer missed work days.
  • Overall lower healthcare claims and workers’ comp claims.
  • Lower specialist visits.
  • Lower urgent care and ER visits.
  • Lower hospitalization rates.
  • Savings to employer on cost of healthcare coverage up to 30%-60%.

We do encourage all of our members to maintain at least a catastrophic high deductible insurance plan or a health cost sharing plan, as we are not insurance. HOWEVER, by enrolling their employees in Birmingham Direct Primary Care and setting up a level-funded insurance plan around it, a small business can save up to 30%-60% on the cost of the health insurance they provide.  We would be happy to get you in touch with an experienced health benefit advisor who can assist you with this.

We provide wholesales discount prices on prescriptions and labs. You will be amazed at how much you will save just from this feature alone. We also dispense your medications to you in-house, allowing our clinic to be your one stop shop for medical care and medications. No more lines in the pharmacy. Most labs are drawn in clinic and send out daily to the lab. All lab costs are at face value and will be available to you up front to ensure transparency. You will be informed of your results as soon as they are available.

We have contracted with select vendors to provide our members with greatly reduced rates, or you can choose to use your insurance.

We believe that we can handle most of your needs within our full-spectrum family medicine practice. However, when needed we will provide the coordination of care with specialists as part of your membership benefit. We recommend your employees to still have insurance or membership in medical sharing community to cover specialist visits or other services not provided by our clinic.

In many cases, patients don’t need to visit our office. Without insurance mandating visits for payment, patients can often interface with Dr. Sahinoglu via phone, text message, email, or video conference.

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