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Primary Care

DPC provides unrushed, comprehensive membership-based primary care to individuals and families. Unlimited visits, free in-house procedures, discounts on labs and medicine, and no co-pays. Learn More


Partner with a board-certified obesity medicine doctor who will meet with you regularly, offer safe and healthy guidance, and monitor your progress as you journey back to restored health and wellness. Learn More

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On average, men live seven years less than women. Our Men's Health program is designed to help identify, prevent, and treat the conditions that affect men, and to help close the life expectancy gap. Learn More

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for Employers

Primary Care is a wonderful benefit to offer employees. Employers can save 30-60% over regular insurance plans, and those unable to provide coverage will be shocked by the economics of the DPC model. Learn More

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Daily use of facial muscles eventually results in wrinkles on the skin above them. Reduce these wrinkles by blocking the contraction of those muscles and prevent new wrinkles from forming in these areas. Learn More

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We are proud to offer access to top professional grade supplements. Guests visiting our website get discounts at these stores. Our Direct Primary Care patients get even higher discounts.
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Intravenous therapies are intended to repair or prevent disease. Because they're delivered via injection, the vitamins and minerals therein are fully absorbed and can help support and nourish good health. Learn More