Direct Primary Care (DPC) in Birmingham, Homewood, Alabaster, Calera, and Pelham, Alabama

Direct Primary Care is a direct pay membership-based model that removes insurance from the patient-doctor relationship. This allows Dr. Sahinoglu and his team to provide better, personalized care that focuses on you, the patient, and not on charts and codes.
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DPC Services

Preventative Care

Primary Care

Urgent Care

DPC Benefits

* The Labs and tests are offered at greatly discounted rates (see lab prices) with the exception of our in-house tests (urine analysis, urine pregnancy, rapid strep, rapid flu, and rapid covid-19 Antigen), which are included in the membership fee. We do not charge our patients for drawing blood in our clinic.

BDPC vs Others

600 No. of Patients 2K-3K
6-8 Patients per Day 30-40
45-60 Minutes with Doctor 7-10
0 mins Average Wait Time 30+ mins
No Copays Yes
No Pre-authorizations Yes
Included Annual Physical Included
Posted Pricing for labs, procedures, & prescriptions Who knows?
No Billing Surprises Yes
Yes Text or email Doctor directly No

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don’t take insurance.

We spare you the hassle of insurance and deal directly with you. Most importantly, this allows Dr. Sahinoglu to spend more time with you and not waste any time on insurance coding, insurance paperwork or other secretarial work physicians are unnecessarily burdened with. This also allows all costs of care to be transparent, saves you money, eliminates waiting, and allows direct access to the doctor.

We strongly encourage everybody to maintain at least a catastrophic insurance plan, a major medical plan, or a health-share plan to cover products, services, and procedures not offered at Birmingham Direct Primary Care.  You can still use your insurance on specialist or hospital visits.  

If you don’t have any insurance but are interested in getting a catastrophic insurance or health-share plan, we would be happy to get you in touch with some local insurance experts we know.

  1. Good insurance does not mean access to good health care.
  2. From a financial standpoint, it’s all about out-of-pocket expenses:

    On top of your insurance premiums, you’re also paying copays, coinsurance, and deductibles that are, for the average patient, more expensive than our monthly membership fee.  The average annual deductible is often much higher than the cost of membership at Birmingham DPC for a year. This is before you even factor in the discounts on meds and labs.
We provide many prescriptions and labs at deeply discounted wholesale rates.

Many patients (even those with insurance) tell us the savings on their medication and lab work is more than their monthly membership fee.

And because we dispense medication and draw blood in our office, you save the one thing more valuable than money: time. No more standing in long lines at the pharmacy, or in waiting rooms at the lab.

We have contracts with select imaging centers that provide greatly reduced self-pay rates. Examples of these rates include an X-ray for $50, Mammogram for $125, CT for $225, MRI for $450 (including the radiologist reading).

If you have insurance, you can opt to use it for imaging procedures. But if you have a high deductible, it’s usually more affordable to skip insurance and pay directly at our discounted rate.

When you need specialist attention, we’ll work with them and coordinate every aspect of your care. Our membership fee covers any and all interactions between Dr. Sahinoglu and your specialist team(s).

If you don’t have insurance to cover specialist fees, we can usually negotiate affordable direct-pay rates so you can be seen by the doctors you need.

One side note: because our model enables us to spend so much more time with you, we may be able to diagnose and treat conditions without the need for specialist care. Contact our office for more details.
In many cases, patients don’t need to visit our office. Without insurance mandating visits for payment, patients can often interface with Dr. Sahinoglu via phone, text message, email, or video conference.

And for the times when it’s necessary for a physical visit, the drive across town will often be much less than you’d spend in a traditional clinic’s waiting room.
Sick patient texts Dr. Sahinoglu Saturday night. Patient is evaluated in clinic Sunday morning, administered shot and dispensed medication. Had the patient gone to an urgent care facility, the cost would have been $125-175. (Not to mention the hours saved from not waiting around to be seen by a doctor).

Patient X paid $0.03 per pill for blood pressure and acid reflux medication. A thirty day supply of each totaled less than $2 – which was a $73 savings over what they paid before.

Patient Y paid only $5 for lab work that had previously cost hundreds of dollars after insurance.

The scope and access of what we offer has many powerful results:

  • Higher productivity.
  • Healthier employees.
  • Fewer missed work days.
  • Higher employee satisfaction.
  • Overall lower healthcare claims.
  • Lower worker’s comp claims.
  • Lower ER visits & hospitalizations.

For cost for small businesses, check out our DPC for employers page by clicking menu then selecting DPC for employers

By enrolling their employees in Birmingham Direct Primary Care and setting up a level-funded insurance plan around it, small businesses can save up to 30%-60% on cost of healthcare coverage.  We would be happy to get you in touch with an experienced health benefit advisor who can assist you with this.