Healthy Weight Loss

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know how difficult it is to take and keep the pounds off. In the past, you may have tried various diets and exercise routines. They may have been effective at the beginning but, over time, you find yourself falling off the wagon and regaining the unwanted weight. Despite this, we continue to seek weight-loss through quick-fix, fad diets and intense exercise routines, only to fail yet again. It is time to change this flawed diet cycle. In order to take and keep pounds off, we must implement a new method.

Birmingham DPC: Obesity Management Method
The concept behind our approach is similar to building a strong chair. The more legs a chair has, the stronger it will be. That is why we will first work on changes to your nutrition, exercise and behavior as these are the tools you can keep with you for the rest of your life. Then, if needed, a medication may be added to to compliment the aforementioned tools that you already have.
Birmingham DPC: An Apple a Day

Our Method

At BDPC, we promote weight-loss through healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes. We do not endorse “quick-fix” diets, but rather gradual, sustainable diet and exercise modifications. Our nutrition approach is based on balance, variety and moderation of all foods. We do not encourage removal of any certain food or food groups, as this only leads to increased cravings for, and binges on, the forbidden foods.
Birmingham DPC: An Apple a Day

Unlike “quick-fix” diets, we do not promise rapid loss of pounds as this is not sustainable. Instead, we encourage gradual weight-loss which is proven to be more effective and maintainable in the long-run. Our aim is to help you achieve your weight-loss goal and maintain a healthy body weight for years to come! 

Our weight-loss protocol is designed to teach you the basic skills needed in order to achieve and maintain your healthy body weight. Through our program, we will provide basic nutrition education, snack and meal suggestions, portion control recommendations, and more. You will be supervised by our physician who is board certified in obesity medicine. While we are excited to support you as you begin your weight-loss journey, we hope to impart in you the tools needed to sustain your healthy weight for life!