About Birmingham Direct Primary Care The office of Dr. Efe Sahinoglu, M.D.

Dr. Efe Sahinoglu, M.D.
Birmingham Direct Primary Care is a family medicine clinic that uses the direct primary care model, which puts the patient first by allowing Dr. Efe Sahinoglu, M.D. to provide care directly to you, the patient.

Dr. Sahinoglu is a full board-certified family medicine and obesity medicine physician. He is from Montgomery, Alabama. He attended Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama), finished his bachelor’s in chemical engineering with honors, and worked as an engineer before attending medical school at the UAB School of Medicine in Birmingham, AL. Afterwards, Dr. Sahinoglu completed his family medicine residency at University of Alabama Family Medicine Residency Program.

Having spent the past 20 years in Alabama, Dr. Sahinoglu wanted to stay in Alabama and serve its residents. As he was introduced to the direct primary care model of practice in Fall 2017, he realized this model would allow him to provide quality primary care the way he always envisioned. He founded Birmingham Direct Primary Care in Birmingham, AL in Fall 2018. Since then, Dr. Sahinoglu has been practicing the style of medicine that is most satisfying to his patients and himself. He gets to spend more time with his patients, getting to know them and their concerns well. He is able to provide individualized care, whether that’s prevention or treatment, be available and accessible to his patients. Patients come to see him – in-person or virtually via telemedicine – across Central Alabama.