About Direct Primary Care

Birmingham Direct Primary Care is a family medicine clinic that uses the direct primary care model, which puts the patient first by allowing the primary care physician to provide care directly to the patient. 

This membership based medicine model allows our clinic to provide better, personalized care for the patient by allowing the physician to focus on the patient and not on charts or insurance codes. In other words, the primary care service we provide is not insurance-driven. Instead our physician specializes in providing personal, comprehensive and accessible care to his patients when they need it.  No interferences by third parties. Just the patient and the physician. Just like how it was in the old days.

What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model that removes the insurance between the physician and the patient as it was in the old days. This allows better, personalized care for the patient by allowing physician to focus on the patient and be accessible to them. Direct Primary Care physicians usually have a panel of 600-800 patients instead of several thousands. Patients have longer visits with their doctor and have same or next day appointments for sick visits if needed. They can have easier and direct access to their doctor and his medical team via phone, text or email for medical necessities. All this at a low cost of a monthly cell phone bill. What’s more is that patients are able to get their in-house dispensed medications and labs at greatly reduced prices. As everything is transparent, there will be no hassles of dealing with insurance.

Video about DPC (Direct Primary Care)
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600-800 No. of Patients 2K-3K
6-8 Patients per Day 30-40
30-60 Minutes with Doctor 7-10
0 mins Average Wait Time 20+ mins
No Co-pays Yes
No Pre-authorizations Yes
Included Annual Physical Included
Posted Pricing for labs, procedures, & prescriptions Who knows?
No Billing Surprises Yes
Yes Text or email Doctor directly No

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