All concerns do not need a traditional in-person doctor’s visit. You may have a simple question. It may be a simple rash that the doctor may only need to see a picture of. You may need a refill and you just saw your doctor not too long ago. As a more recent example, it may be that you are concerned that going into the clinic and siting in the room with other possibly sick patients may potentially expose you to a virus.
These are just a few of the many examples of why telemedicine can be used in an efficient manner without causing inconvenience to the patients. We have been offering telemedicine as part of our patients’ membership ever since the first day of clinic’s opening. Our patients love it and it’s included in their membership. They can call, text, video-chat or even email their doctor directly.
Dr. Efe Sahinoglu, M.D. consulting with a patient via telemedicine

What Patients Say:

A true story - Patient texts doctor on the way to ER (colleague is driving), doc texts back to come to clinic, patient instead comes to clinic, necessary treatment given in clinic, patient feels much better 20 minutes later. Minimum of $500 ER visit avoided not to mention hours of waiting saved.

Dr. Efe Sahinoglu, M.D.

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