Q&A part 2: Birmingham DPC helps Small Businesses

Birmingham DPC can help small businesses save money on healthcare insurance while providing their employees first-class personal, individualized and accessible medical care.

Q. How does your clinic help small businesses?

If an employer is currently not offering any kind of health benefit for his or her employees, just for starters this would be a very affordable way to give access to primary care by enrolling their employees in our clinic. Then acquiring a level-funded insurance plan built around the dpc clinic or a health-cost sharing community plan will help protect against the more costly, unforeseen or catastrophic medical expenses.

Q. You mentioned savings. If a small business is already offering health insurance to their employees, is this not an extra cost?

Exact opposite. Enrolling their employees in a direct primary care clinic and setting up a level-funded plan around it will provide easily accessible, convenient and high quality health care to every single one of their employees, while saving the small businesses a significant amount of money on health care coverage (up to 30-60%).

Q. How can a small business save up to 30%-60% on healthcare expenses?

Around 90% of healthcare dollars of businesses are due to primary care related expenses.

So imagine this. Let’s say you are a small business owner who enrolled his or her employees in a direct primary care clinic and switched to a level funded insurance. In a level funded insurance plan, around 50% of the monthly insurance premiums goes to the healthcare claims fund, and the other 50% is split between the stop loss coverage (the catastrophic insurance coverage) and administration/brokerage fees. Remember that we said around 90% of healthcare expense is primary care related? Most of the healthcare expenses of your employees will be absorbed by Birmingham DPC through the low monthly membership fee and prevented urgent care and some ER visits due to the having an easily accessible and available primary care doctor.

What’s neat about a level-funded plan is that most of the unspent money from the claim fund goes back to the employer so that it can be used for other benefits or next year’s benefits. What does that mean? You get money back! At the end of the year you receive a significant portion of the 50% of the premiums you paid for your employees throughout the year! Isn’t that so much better news than hearing that your premium is going up again this year???

However, if your insurance broker is getting paid by your insurance, then they are not necessarily going to tell you about this. You know your premiums rise every year no matter what. Why would someone getting a percent of your premiums want to keep your premiums down? If their incentive isn’t aligned with your business’s saving money, ie if they are paid by insurance and not directly by your business, then most will not be interested in keeping your premium down.

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